Privacy Policy

FindFluidPower respects the privacy of each of its members and their users, and the confidential nature of information that may be shared between members of the information-sharing community at FindFluidPower.

We do not share members’ contact information with any third party. We reserve the right to use members’ and users’ information to communicate information pertaining to the policies, features and status of FindFluidPower.

FindFluidPower may create a browser “cookie” to recognize a user when returning to our web site, and to bypass the need to log in when returning to our web site.

FindFluidPower may collect usage data (e.g., number of searches, time spent on the website, etc.). This information is collected exclusively for use by FindFluidPower and its members. This information will not be shared with any other third party.

FindFluidPower uses selected Google Maps APIs for buyer-to-seller distance calculations. Therefore, access to the FindFluidPower website and use of its tools is subject to Google’s Privacy Policy.

This privacy policy is subject to change without notice. Changes to this policy will be posted on the FindFluidPower web site and announced within ten (10) days of any change, via electronic communication to member account administrators.

(Updated September 2017)